Pauline chapel
Pauline chapel


Construction of the Pauline Chapel

« Entering into the Pauline Chapel, what first strike's the eye is the lowered vault made of pale bricks of various shades that harmonize with the walls and the massive pillars. » [...]

« One is agreeably impressed by the great simplicity of the decoration of the building. » [...]

« Simple lines, innumerable plays of light and shadow are displayed on the vault and the pillars. » [...]

« It will be the responsability of future generations to adorn and decorate this monument in order that over the years, the christian of today will be united with the future one by common thoughts and prayers recited in the same place of worship that he will have contributed to raise and decorate. » [...]

Source : Description of the construction of the Cathedral and of the Bishop's Palace by the architect Louis-Napoléon Audet (A15,SC2.7).